Sweeten It Up With A Wedding Candy Buffet

Nowadays, it’s all about creating an experience. There is no one-size-fits-all wedding reception. If you want to get married on horseback out in the country, you can easily do that. Anything goes when it comes to wedding planning because it is all about you. What most couples go for more than anything is to let their personality shine in the wedding planning process.

For many couple, this translates into a spectacular and fabulous wedding candy buffet. This takes the place of the more traditional wedding desserts and favors. Guests can indulge in a little sweet celebration of the marriage.

If you are considering having a wedding candy buffet, there are so many options out there. It’s also not as expensive as you may think. In many cases, it’s even cheaper than your standard wedding cupcakes and desserts. Why? Because buying bulk can be your wallet’s friend. Look for candy that matches your wedding color scheme and wedding theme. Also offer something everyone will love. Like chocolate! Yum. However, there are those who have serious food allergies, and you don’t want an ambulance arriving on your special day. If you have something peanut-related, put a small sign warning your guests.

With such a wide variety of candies and confectioneries out there, you surely won’t feel limited. If you search for “chocolate confectionery,” “sugar confectionery,” or “flour confectionery,” you will see the assortment available. It might be overwhelming, but focus on the fun of putting the candy buffet together.

Also, think out of the box with the candy containers. Sure, there are the traditional candy jars, but again, have fun. Think of over-sized margarita glasses or different sized flowerpots.

For a garden reception, you may consider butterflies and lollipops for a little playful effect. You can also add a few lollipops shaped like flowers- roses, tulips, daisies. Milk chocolate roses are always a big hit.

For a beachfront wedding reception, there is plenty of bulk candy products shaped like sea creatures. Golden foiled chocolates shaped like seashells. Or hard candy shells. For fun, you can add a few bright colored umbrellas usually reserved for adult beverages.

Caramels mixed with chocolate. Fudge and nut candies. Candy corn and butterscotch hard candy. There are endless candy combinations you can create for your wedding candy buffet. Don’t forget to give out takeaway containers so your guests can carry home some of their favorite sweet treats. Get creative with the containers too. If it’s a beach theme wedding, you can give out a small pail and bucket. This also serves as wedding favors, saving you time and money. Gotta love that!

There are no restrictions on how to plan a wedding candy buffet. Play with it. It’s all for fun, after all. It is a chance to feel like a kid again for you and for your guests. Like big kids in a candy store.

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