Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Having the wedding you have always dreamed of is going to cost you. Sorry. You will soon discover that when vendors hear that you’re getting married, they usually tack on 10 percent to their normal costs. BUT, it is your wedding and you will want to everything to be perfect despite the cost. Shoes, rings, wedding photographer, reception that your friends will be envious of. Unless you suddenly hit the lottery, you will most likely be working off of a wedding budget.

It’s not easy cutback on your expenses. Like most marrying couples, you will want the latest and greatest in wedding trends. And it’s so hard too when there are hit shows, displaying what your wedding should look like. Yes, it is your wedding, and you’ve probably been thinking about this forever. However, it is just one day. You don’t want to spoil your wedding budget in one shot. Do you really want to start off your marriage in debt?

Cutting Expenses
If you’re watching those reality wedding shows, you will see that those brides are completely unreasonable. You do not have to be that person. Look at what is most important to you? Is it having your dream wedding dress? A particular wedding venue? Whatever it is, cut back on minor things in order to have what you truly do want.

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts
This is one area you can easily cut back on. Men are easier to please than you think. Not only that but these are a handful of close friends and family. They will not be picky in what you give them. In fact, you might be surprised in finding that they don’t expect much at all. Cheap groomsmen gifts does not mean something from the 99 cent store. You can easily find something tasteful and elegant. Think simple, not elaborate.

Around $50
Pistol Shaped Cigarette Lighter
Fun cufflinks
Engraved Wallet

Under $50
Engraved Brushed Flask and Zippo Lighter Gift Set

Star Wars Triology Movie Set
Titanium Money Clip
John Wayne Classic Movies
Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Studio Monitor Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones
iPhone speakers
Cool gadget watch
Personalized Soft-Sided Cooler
Gift certificate to a local steak house
Wine tasting for two
A nice bottle of their favorite liquor

Under $20
Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BV Sport Analog Dive Watch
Season Television Series Set

Board Game
Cross Classic Century, Lustrous Chrome, Ballpoint Pen (3502)
Six Pack from the Local Brewing Company’s Special Brew
Cigar—you might be able to purchase these online for a good price
Personalized Beer Mug
Camping Set—with compass, knife, flashlight
Beverage Cooler

There are so many other cheap groomsmen gifts not mentioned here. At least, this will get your wheels turning. If you have something specific in mind, check out eBay and Amazon. They always have great “lot” sections. You might be surprised what you find.

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