Invisalign Can Save Your Wedding Pictures

This future bride is excited to be part of this sponsored post by Invisalign. Let me tell you why.

A few years ago when my dentist suggested getting braces as an adult, I nearly strangled the man. This was before all the wedding planning, engagement, or even the wedding talks. You see, I had had braces as a kid, and well, the experience was awful. Picture that kid with metal braces, colorful rubber bands, wearing head gear at night. After going through that, I really didn’t want to go back to braces even if it was for a short time. Now faced with a wedding and wedding pictures that will last a lifetime, my tummy turns.

They got ruined as an adult when my wisdom teeth came in. My then dentist said I had enough room for them. But I really didn’t. My bottom teeth got all scrunched up. Looks like a bad car mess. They aren’t back to the way they used to be as a kid. Thank goodness! I didn’t think too much about it then. In fact, I completely ignored his suggestion. Just went on with my cleanings and regular dentist routine. Now, I really wish I had listened to my dentist two years ago and gotten braces.

In a way, it might have been a blessing that I waited this long. I love knowing that there are options. I don’t have to get the traditional metal braces. There are clear braces like my brother’s. Instead, I’m opting to get Invaslign.

Here’s what I love about Invasalign.

They are virtually unnoticeable. Clear and plastic. Kind of like retainers.

You can take them in and out for a few hours each day. Like for playing sports or eating.

They take roughly the same amount of time as traditional braces.

They cost almost the same as traditional braces. This depends on your area and your dentist.

They are not as embarrassing as metal braces.

Your self-confidence does not suffer as much. This is huge! I’m sorry, but I would pay a million dollars for my child to have a strong self-confidence growing up. The humiliation of wearing metal braces especially as an insecure teenager… I still want to hide under the covers remembering the agony I faced. It’s even available for teens and pre-teens too.

Just thinking of all the wedding pictures that will last forever. Did I say forever? I guess you could do the closed lips smile, but do you really want that? I want my photographer to capture candid moments of my princess day. I don’t to think about one extra thing that day.

Our dentist has an Invisalign payment program. It’s not a one-day investment, but a lifetime investment.

For more info, check out the Invisalign Website or Facebook Page

Do you see why I’m excited to be part of this sponsored post by Invisalign?

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