Your Guide to Writing Original Wedding Vows

Original wedding vows are words you put together to make your feelings known to your future spouse. Wedding vows are statements of complete love, that you are wanting to spend your life together, and these words are your own, expressing how you feel about spending the rest of your days next to that person. Writing your own vows can be somewhat difficult, but you will find that you can write your vows if you speak from your heart.

Where will you come up with the ideas to write your vows?

You need to sit down with a sheet of paper or in front of your computer. It is best to do this when you are feeling loved or after spending the day together with your future spouse. This is when your feelings will be fresh, and expressing them with words will be easiest.

In using vows that you write yourself, you are telling the other person just how special they are. You took the time to write down exactly what your hopes, dreams, and feelings are. Besides, it also adds that special, personalized touch to your wedding.


Your true emotions will be expressed in words you want to say to the other person. Don’t try to impress those who are in the church or the garden ceremony. That moment is yours and yours alone. If you think about just talking to your future spouse while you’re writing, the entire writing process will be easier for you.

How should you get started in writing your own wedding vows? Remember whispering sweet things in your love’s ear about how you want to hold him/her all night long? Take that feeling and express it in ways that tell your spouse will feel it too. Try to write words that are not taken from other weddings. Use words that you have always wanted to tell him/her but you have never found the time to say aloud.

Write original words that are letters from your heart. I love you, I am more because of you, I want to spend the rest of my life with someone as amazing as you, and I want to share everything in my life whether it be good or bad. Even when times get tough, I will be there to learn and grow from those experiences with you. I know that my love for you will never die. I want to be your eternal lover, best friend, laughing companion.

Make your vows words that express just how painful it is to be apart. Your vows can be expressions of words that you say over and over again to each other. You can even create stories, using these phrases.

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