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Wedding favors might be one of the simplest part of wedding planning, but they are often left for the last minute. Just a little more to add to the stresses of planning a wedding. Luckily, because of all the options out there, wedding favors are relatively easy to put together even if they are left for the last minute. Here are some easy and beautiful wedding favor ideas for any wedding and any budget.

Flowers. They are probably the easiest wedding favor to give your guests. There is no preparation involved in giving flowers. However, depending on the number of guests you plan to have at the wedding, it can get costly. One option is to give each of your guests a single red rose to symbolize love and unity. There’s no wrapping involved. Who doesn’t love that? You can have a catering staff, friend, or family member place a rose on each setting after the tables are ready for the wedding reception. You can also choose a flower from the centerpiece instead of a rose.

Candy. Fill a basket with candy, or put it in a small tin container. Talk about easy! You can even decorate a nice bowl, fill it with candy, and place it in the center of the table. Give each of your gets a small candy bag with a note, encouraging them to enjoy the candy centerpiece. It kills two birds with the same stone- wedding favors and centerpiece. No individual wrapping. No extra expenses on centerpieces.

Picture Frames. Individually wrapping wedding favors to create a presentation for your guests is time consuming and tedious. If you use picture frames as place card holders, you avoid this tiresome task. Talk about a huge timesaver! Who needs the extra stress of wrapping pretty, little boxes.

Digital photo pictures. This must be one of the easiest wedding favors out there. If you hire a professional photographer to take a picture of each couple as they arrive, you don’t have to do any wrapping. Your photographer will bring a high speed printer to the reception, and before your guests leave, the photos are distributed. Your guests will be dressed up and will like the opportunity to have a professional photo taken. Additionally, you can ask the photographer to put together a quick slideshow of the pictures for your wedding website or to be emailed to your guests. They can see other guests’ photos as well.

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  1. Well my husband (then fnciaee) owns an art gallery. (i’m an artist) We had our reception and ceremony there. I guess we are not traditional but I would say that my husband can be a bit of a snob so it was high class. We had art all over the walls and three different rooms for guests to stroll in, plus we rented a tent in the backyard and set up tables back there. One room was a bar with rented cocktail tables and a sushi chef with all of the booze in that room. We got all the booze at costco and hired friends (who work in the food industry) as bartenders and bussstaff. Another room was the main gallery with art all over the wall and we had 3 different buffet stations set up with all sorts of hors dorves. We had all the food made by a local catering company and dropped off. We rented chafing dishes and linens. We hired our own staff (friends) that was so much cheaper than using the catering company. Costco has some great food (apps and desserts) that if you had help setting things up it would turn out great. We had cocktail shrimp, cheese and crackers, dips, beef and chicken wellingtons, scallops, chcicken kobos, and more ..a mexican table, a little bit of everthing!!!! We had over 200 ppl at our wedding and it was perfect.We had a coffee bar set up with a rented coffee pot and put out baileys and whipped cream with a huge table of petit desserts. Our wedding cake was a cupcake tree, with a small cake on top for us to cut. (we were too busy to cut it) We rented high top cocktail tables for that room. We only used elegant 8 inch plates with plstic forks and set the tables up all fancy. We rented nice linens for the tables. There was no sit down dinner or time everyone had to eat. Guests ate when they wanted to. We had music playing through our sound system on an ipod in another room that had long tables for guests to sit down and eat at, and an area for dancing. We didn’t have a dj just the ipod and it was awesome, because we didn’t have a cheesy dj there. Everyone loved it and to this day says it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to. It was like a big art opening reception. Everyone got to mingle from room to room and no one was ever bored. Our biggest cost was booze! But that’s what makes a wedding fun! If you know of a hip art gallery in town I would recommend it. They would probably love to hold such an event since no one is really spending money on art these days. It’s original and chic and not so expensive.

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