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Featured Business: $50
Quality blog post with good keywords published on the site and distributed throughout the social networks. Business must supply good quality photos that are pinnable for Pinterest.

Month-long Ambassadorship: Starts at $200
Business will be featured on the Best Wedding Destinations Facebook page, daily tweets, 4 blog posts, Pinterest pins. Builds buzz around the business or venue. Can be fine-tuned depending on your business needs.

3-month minimum for all ad space. Picture for ad must be supplied by the advertiser.

Small: (sidebar) 125px X 125px
$20/month 3 months or $60
$15/ month 6 months or $90
$10/ year 12 months or $120

Small Footer Homepage: 125px X 125px
$15/month 3 months or $45
$12/month 6 months or $72
$7/year 12 months or $84

Small: (woven into an article post) 125px X 125px
$25/month 3 months or $75
$20/month 6 months or $120
$15/month 12 months or $180

Medium: (woven into an article post) 300px X 250px
$30/month 3 months or $90
$25/month 6 months or $150
$20/month 12 months or $240

Banners: (bottom of post) 468px X 60px
$30/month 3 months or $90
$25/month 6 months or $150
$20/month 12 months or $240

Social Media:
Please contact us to help you with your social media efforts.

Email: maggie (at)

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