California Destination Weddings

Are you planning a California destination wedding? You are not alone. Many people choose California as their wedding location for several reasons. The large state has so much to offer a marrying couple. California’s ideal, Mediterranean weather plays a major factor. As no one wants rain on their wedding day. Not to mention the numerous options in planning a California destination wedding. From Disneyland to beaches to vineyards, the choices are endless, and all are worth considering. California has it all!

In Northern California, you can get married in vast, beautiful wineries or a lavish private estate. All of these locations make for a perfect California destination wedding location. There is more to consider in deciding this area of the state. Let’s not forget all the stunning beaches, lush gardens, historic ranches, farms, grassy forests, or striking waterfalls. Muir Beach is considered one of the top beaches for nuptials in the country just over the famed San Francisco Bridge. Almost all of Napa Valley/ Sonoma wineries offer wedding packages to ease your wedding planning. That is one big plus of planning a California destination wedding: the minimal stress involved!

Central California is equally as attractive. You have the option of getting married on pristine beaches, quaint gardens, gorgeous spas or resorts, notable wineries, or picturesque mountain tops overlooking rows of vineyards. Some charming cities to reflect on include Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Sequoia National Park, and Monterey. When deciding on a Central California destination wedding consider travel as there are no major airports in the area, but they are easily accessible by car.

On top of all the striking and famous beaches, Southern California has the metropolitan appeal. With all that Los Angeles has to offer you and your guests, it is a good consideration for your California destination wedding. Fabulous beaches, Disneyland, opulent mansion estates. Cities to look at include Malibu, Catalina Island, Laguna Beach, and Temecula. If you are looking for a seaside wedding, San Diego has stunning beaches for your romantic affair.

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