Choosing the Perfect Island for Your
Caribbean Wedding

Turks & Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands are located southeast of the Bahamas. They are a collection of 40 islands, but only eight are inhabited. If you are looking for an isolated tropical island for your destination wedding, this might be a good option. They are not as developed as other Caribbean islands. Less commercialized and still offer a pristine, beautiful setting perfect for an intimate Caribbean wedding. The weather is relatively nice, but it heats up from August to November. Temperatures are much milder from December to July. This is something to consider when planning a wedding in this Caribbean location. Although most of the islands still remain rural and are not adequate for staying, there are plenty of gorgeous resorts to stay on the island of Providenciales, or Provo. Grand Turk island also has stunning beaches around the capital city of Cockburn Town. Other things to do before or after the wedding: Couth Caicos is renowned for its scuba diving. West Caicos is known for the wonderful reefs perfect for diving. North, Middle, and East Caicos have breathtaking lagoons, creeks, and lush lands. You can also do bird and whale watching on many islands. The culture is similar to the indigenous Bahamas culture. You will see the strong Bermudan, Haitian, and Dominican influence.


Aruba is located off the coast of Venezuela and is the smallest of the Dutch territories. It is slightly larger than Washington DC and is renowned for its tropical climate and gorgeous sunsets. The temperature is an ideal 80 degrees F all year round. You do not need to worry about hurricane seasons as it lies just below the hurricane belt.
There are plenty of places to stay in Aruba. It is full of modern, luxurious hotels located near the capital, Oranjestad. This pastel-colored city has so much to offer those planning a Caribbean wedding. Most hotels offer wedding packages and will even throw in your own wedding planner for free. If you take advantage of a hotel package deal before or after your wedding, you can do windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, or simply lounge on the stretches of white, sandy beaches. Other activities include hiking or horseback riding on the island’s less-developed, less visited interior. The culture of Aruba is a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and native Indian influences. Papiamiento is the native language spoken. It is a combination of Dutch, English, and Spanish. Some of the most popular music styles are merengue, calypso, soca, and a local blend of socarengue.

Dominican Republic

If your wedding budget is tight and dream of a Caribbean wedding, the Dominican Republic might be a good option. The Dominican Republic is twice the size of New Hampshire. The climate in August is muggy and scorching hot. January is somewhat milder. The rainy season is from October to May for the north. Showers in the south fall from May to October. When planning your Caribbean wedding in the Dominican Republic, consider the weather carefully. When it rains, it pours and could last half a day. It is also located in the middle of the hurricane belt and is susceptible to harsh, extreme storms from June to October. Accommodations depend on your taste. There are plenty of luxurious resorts to stay in cities like Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Cabarete. Most resorts offer Caribbean wedding packages and will gladly arrange everything for you before your arrival. If you are looking for more colonial architecture with historic sites, try Santo Domingo or Santiago. There are plenty of things to do and see before and after your Caribbean wedding. Windsurfing in Cabarete, diving and surfing in Sosua, lounging on beaches of Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, hiking in the central highlands, whale-watching in Samana. Taino Indians, Spaniards, and Africans strongly influenced the culture of the Dominicans. Merengue is a popular music style.


This tropical paradise is located south of St. Maarten and St. Martin. It is half the size of Washington DC. It has tropical climate weather with northeast winds and subject to hurricanes from July to October. The rainy season lasts from August through November. Anguilla is one of the more pricey locations in the Caribbean. If you are planning a Caribbean wedding, plan to have plenty of resources. The accommodations are luxurious on this island. Wedding planners on Anguilla come with a hefty price, but getting married in this tropical paradise is worth it. Meads Bay offers some of the more lavish hotels. The hotels are removed from one another and give you plenty of privacy. Other things to do before and after your Caribbean wedding: swimming, visiting historic sites in Shoal Bay, snorkeling, sunbathing, watching boat races. The culture is a blend of British and African with a dependence on the ocean.

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