Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monograms customize the look and feel of any item. In an office setting, an embroidered monogram on clothing gives it that extra special touch. Monogram stationery shows your unique flare to those who receive your letters. They are not just for clothes and paper either. Monograms are great to add elegance to an atmosphere. In particular, it adds sophistication to a wedding. If you are planning a wedding, you should think about using a monogram design for your wedding cake toppers.

There are so many wedding cake toppers out there. Many brides try to match their wedding cake topper to their wedding theme. For example, a beach wedding will have a bride and a groom in hula outfits and straw hats. Or for winter weddings, the wedding toppers can be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. At the very least, you are free to choose something different and fun to personalize your wedding cake.

Creating a custom monogram wedding cake topper is relatively easy. Almost every wedding store offers a preset design for you to choose from. There are plenty of stylish and classy letterings to pick from. You can also decide from certain materials.

Consider the size and design of your wedding cake. Another important factor to consider is the right color of your monogram wedding cake topper. The options are almost limitless. For something that stands out, try going with something like ruby red or topaz blue. If this is not your taste, gold and silver are the more traditional color choices. Think of using solid brushed metal of gold acrylic mirror.

There are so many different types of monogram wedding cake toppers too.

Crystal covered single letter monogram. It adds a touch of beauty.

Silver finished monograms. If you would like the classic look of crystal minus the expense, this is a good option.

Ceramic monogram. It yields two very different effects.

Rhinestone monogram. It creates the flashy look so popular in today’s weddings.

There are plenty of resources to find these items. A wedding supplies and accessories store will provide good places to search. If you are looking for something in specific, look around. You can always ask friends and family of good but lesser known wedding shops.

Monogram wedding cake toppers that are difficult to find or highly unique might be costly. Sometimes, you will pay for the number of letters, the size, or how elaborate the decoration is. Don’t be afraid to make this expense. We are talking about the wedding cake after all. It is a huge part of the wedding, and hosting a wedding in itself is a rare event.

There are plenty of online sources that offer monogram wedding cake toppers.

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