Wedding Decorations

Planning a wedding is no small task. There are several details to consider- table decorations, choosing a photographer, wedding favors, and a slew more. Brides spend endless hours preparing for their special day. Wedding parties and wedding receptions take up most of the time in planning the wedding. If given proper attention and with enough resources, the wedding of your dreams can be pulled off effortlessly and beautifully.

Do not overthink the wedding decorations. It is definitely a big concern for most brides as they want it to be absolutely perfect. There are plenty of elaborate table decorations that will cost you a pretty penny, but luckily, you do not have to spend too much time or money for the wedding decorations to look amazing. You can combine table decorations with wedding favors to make the table decorations look appealing. Popular wedding favors like potted plants, fish in bowls, baskets of goods, picture frames, and so on make tables look that much more beautiful. To cut down on cost, you can make your own wedding favors. Another saving money tip is to find favors that will serve as both wedding decorations and wedding favors.

Even those with steep pockets have to think about money when planning their wedding. The beauty of planning a wedding well in advance is that you have time to shop for good deals. Wedding party supply stores provide discounts for items purchased in bulk. Let’s not forget eBay and Amazon that also offer lot items at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking at buying decorations that do not cost much but are already made, look at You should also consider some fun wedding favors like sparklers, bubbles, confetti. Weddings are celebrations, after all. These types of favors can be bought in bulk and are enjoyed by all.

If you are lucky enough to have a bigger budget, you can choose more expensive, more elaborate wedding decorations. If you really want to customize your wedding without the price, there are plenty of decorations you can make. If you mix up the homemade decorations with those store bought, your guests will most likely not know the difference. Also, knowing that you made the decorations makes them that much more special. If you are not the crafty type, someone in your wedding party or attending your wedding is. Don’t be afraid to ask either. People love to be part of the wedding.
Together, the bride and groom should decide what wedding reception decorations is suitable for the tables. In the long run, it is their special day, and what matters most is that they are happy.

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Wedding Favors for Winter Weddings

Although the height of the wedding season is in the summer, winter weddings can be beautiful and just as romantic. A couple planning a winter wedding can incorporate many of the wonderful season themes. They can give their guests wedding favors related to the cold season or holiday time, depending on the preference of the couple. Let’s look at a few wedding favor ideas.

Ornament Fun
Christmastime is a great time to get married. Just think of all the options for wedding favors. One popular idea is to give each guest an ornament with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. If you purchase these after the holiday season the year before, the marrying couple can save a substantial amount of money. A personalized wedding favor like this will help guests remember the lovely wedding day during such a festive time of the year.

Oh Christmas Tree!
Another great idea is to give everyone small, artificial Christmas trees. The marrying couple can adorn them with wedding bell ornaments, or they can be given away as is. This would allow the guests to decorate them as they please. Giving away seeds a popular wedding favor idea. The wedding couple can give away seeds for Christmas trees or poinsettias.

Let It Snow
Snow globes are fun and a very appropriate winter wedding favor idea. The snow globe can have a special scene like a lovely mountain or ice skaters with a couple in the center. This is a very uncommon wedding favor and very much appreciated since it is not a typical gift during the summer. What a fun wedding favor for those snow globe collectors.

Bring the Outdoors In
Another winter season wedding favor is a miniature sled with the names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding painted on the sled. This is a rather cute decoration which can be displayed as a knick knack or used as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Feed ‘Em
Everyone loves edible wedding favors. Warm, comforting drinks go perfectly in the cold season. Think of giving away yummy hot chocolate, exotic coffee, and herbal tea for a winter wedding favor. Add the drink package to a personalized, seasonal mug. Or, it can be given as is. There are many wedding favor distributors who can personalize the packages with names and dates, making them more festive as a wedding favor.

There are so many great favor options in having a winter wedding. The bride and groom might find more options for wedding favors than in summer months. Winter weddings can be just as beautiful and just as magical.