Outdoor Wedding Activities

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, take advantage of the location. You will be able to pull off outdoor wedding activities that you couldn’t do indoors. Think of a fun theme that can be suited for both indoors and outdoors and plan games and activities around your theme.

Lately, more and more weddings are being held in non-traditional locations like farms and parks. There are a myriad of activities you can set up for your guests around these types of locations.

Let’s look at some popular outdoor wedding activities and reception locations. At a winery, you can play the blindfolded wine tasting game. Volunteers can taste some wonderful wines from the vineyards while guessing what type of wine it is. Which is it? Pinot noir or cabernet? You can provide something for the guest to clean their palate in between sips. As a prize, the winner gets the obvious, a wine bottle.

Another popular outdoor wedding location is a country club on a golf course. You can have a golf theme and include golf elements to your wedding. You can lead your guests to the golf course and have a “hole in one” contest. For other amusing outdoor wedding activities, you can have guests play the best stroke contest. To decide who gets the centerpiece, you can have your guests guess how many golf balls are in the floral centerpiece. You can fill up a vase or a large container with golf balls, and your guests could guess how many are in the container. You can purchase in bulk online and make relatively cheap centerpieces. Another silly game you can play with your guests includes the dance floor. Choose a fun, upbeat song and ask everyone to do their best golf swing. The winner is chosen by the bride and groom.

If both the reception and ceremony are held outdoors, think of games and/or activities that keep to your level of formality. With more casual weddings taking place at barns and parks, the ideas for outdoor wedding activities broaden. At a park, you can have guests enjoy a “walk down memory lane.” Before the reception, a close friend can create a private lane where the guests can walk through. Add pictures of the bride and groom through various stages in their lives. At the end of the path, place a book for guests to comment their thoughts and memories. This makes a lovely wedding gift for the bride and groom.

If you are having a very casual wedding reception, tell guests ahead of time to prepare for fun outdoor wedding activities and to bring a change of clothes and maybe some sneakers. Set up a baseball game or a “who can hit the baseball the farthest” contest. Imagine the fun wedding photos of the groomsmen in formal suits and sneakers.

Get creative with your outdoor wedding activities. Think outside of the box. You can always do a barefoot dancing contest or a Frisbee toss in the backyard. Bocce ball anyone? Provide colorful chalk for the kids and adults to leave a sweet message for the bride and groom. Arrange a scavenger hunt using your wedding theme. Croquet or ring toss games are oodles of fun. Is there a pool somewhere close by? After the reception, have a fun swimming activity for the guests and bride and groom to enjoy with a bottle of champagne.