Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

With so many chores to do when planning a wedding, it is tempting to hire a professional wedding planner. After all, this is your wedding, and you want it to be the most amazing day of your life. This isn’t an easy experience. Why not solicit the help of someone who does this for a living to alleviate the pressure? Hiring a professional wedding planner will come with a price. Before you run to the nearest professional wedding planner, take a good look at the collection of duties needed in order to pull off a successful, beautiful wedding.

Church weddings entail several elements. You will be required to provide baptism certificates, choose between confetti and biodegradable rice. Then you must think about sitting your guests- ushers, bridesmaids, best men, music, hairstyles, flower girls, wardrobe, and rings. Don’t forget the wedding vows, and all the rehearsals. If you are having a non-traditional wedding setting, there are other factors to consider.

For the reception, you must find the right venue and the right caterer. You must also plan the menu, the bar, the service, flowers, favors, and the wedding reception activities. All the while, you hope that everything comes out smoothly. Don’t forget the wedding cake and arranging delivery.

There are so many wedding photographers and videographers to choose from. Also think of transportation for the marrying couple and those visiting. You will also need to choose wedding invitations and figure out how to properly word them. Who are you going to invite? Where are the people from out of town going to stay?

Take a deep breath. Are you getting stressed out yet? And this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is no wonder why people choose destination weddings as they are easier to plan and much, much cheaper. They are so appealing for many couples, desiring a less stressful and less traditional location.

The only thing that might be holding you back in hiring a wedding planner is your wedding budget. Take a good look at your budget and see if there is any room for adjustments. Consider that a professional wedding planner knows where to get the best deals. Look on wedding boards and ask newlywed brides what type of savings they were able to get via their wedding planner. Without a person like this, things can get overwhelming very fast. You don’t want to create a nightmare situation on your special day. A wedding planner will hold your hand through thick and thin during these stressful times. If you opt to do it yourself, you can delegate responsibilities to your friends. This is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life. Relax and enjoy the best day of your life!

Music Activities for Your Wedding

At every good wedding, there’s good music. Whether it’s a full live band, a DJ spinning, or recorded music from a miniature boom box, music is a must at every wedding. Yes, it is for dancing. But really, there are a million wedding music activities you can plan for your guests. What a great, fun element to add to your wedding.

When you think of music activities, you might remember the popular kid’s game, musical chairs. Adapt it to fit your wedding. You can have the chairs lined up from the food tables to the floor. Or maybe your guests are open to sitting on the floor. One option is using men as the chairs- they kneel on the floor with one knee bent. The women take turns lightly sitting on the men’s knees as they play musical chairs. If a man, woman, or the couple falls down, the couple is out.

Musical chairs is often played at weddings to see who will take home the table centerpiece. Instead of assigning a number to award the centerpiece, you can have tables play musical chairs. The last person standing is the lucky guest who takes home the centerpiece.

If you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding, why not play “Name That Tune?” Before the wedding, make a list of the favorite songs of both the bride and groom. The person putting this together can create a CD with short snippets of all those songs. You can have guests divide into team. Winner can get a prize- bottle of wine, movie tickets, or something that is related to your wedding theme. One version of this game is “bidding” on who can name the tune faster. One team will say they can name the tune in 10 seconds, while the other team might say 5 seconds. If a group is unable to identify the song, the other team will have a chance to name the tune. Offer prizes to the winners like candy. Candy is relatively inexpensive if bought in bulk and does not require much wrapping.

Depending on the formality level of your wedding, there are plenty of fun music activities that can take place on the dance floor. Some of these games might not work for a large, elegant wedding. Though, if you are having a more casual, fun, family-centered wedding, dancing games are perfect music activities. Guests can “call out” the wedding couple to the dance floor. You can provide hula hoops or have a break dance competition. If you have a large dance floor, you can provide a few beach balls, balloons, noise makers.

Another version of ringing bells for kisses is to have guests “perform” to get the bride and groom to kiss. Before the wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can prepare a dance routine. It is judged by the couple and audience. Be as creative as possible with your wedding music activities. This is your wedding after all. Have fun with it!