Wedding Favors for Winter Weddings

Although the height of the wedding season is in the summer, winter weddings can be beautiful and just as romantic. A couple planning a winter wedding can incorporate many of the wonderful season themes. They can give their guests wedding favors related to the cold season or holiday time, depending on the preference of the couple. Let’s look at a few wedding favor ideas.

Ornament Fun
Christmastime is a great time to get married. Just think of all the options for wedding favors. One popular idea is to give each guest an ornament with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. If you purchase these after the holiday season the year before, the marrying couple can save a substantial amount of money. A personalized wedding favor like this will help guests remember the lovely wedding day during such a festive time of the year.

Oh Christmas Tree!
Another great idea is to give everyone small, artificial Christmas trees. The marrying couple can adorn them with wedding bell ornaments, or they can be given away as is. This would allow the guests to decorate them as they please. Giving away seeds a popular wedding favor idea. The wedding couple can give away seeds for Christmas trees or poinsettias.

Let It Snow
Snow globes are fun and a very appropriate winter wedding favor idea. The snow globe can have a special scene like a lovely mountain or ice skaters with a couple in the center. This is a very uncommon wedding favor and very much appreciated since it is not a typical gift during the summer. What a fun wedding favor for those snow globe collectors.

Bring the Outdoors In
Another winter season wedding favor is a miniature sled with the names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding painted on the sled. This is a rather cute decoration which can be displayed as a knick knack or used as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Feed ‘Em
Everyone loves edible wedding favors. Warm, comforting drinks go perfectly in the cold season. Think of giving away yummy hot chocolate, exotic coffee, and herbal tea for a winter wedding favor. Add the drink package to a personalized, seasonal mug. Or, it can be given as is. There are many wedding favor distributors who can personalize the packages with names and dates, making them more festive as a wedding favor.

There are so many great favor options in having a winter wedding. The bride and groom might find more options for wedding favors than in summer months. Winter weddings can be just as beautiful and just as magical.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

After a long summer, wedding season, I found myself asking, “Why am I not getting married?” Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Oddly enough, I found myself looking for answer from an intuitive named Shawna.

Shawna, the Intuitive
I know, I know what you are all going to say. An intuitive? In a nutshell, Shawna’s method is channeling. Over the phone, she gave me a world of information without knowing anything about me. This was so different from the look into a crystal ball we are so familiar with. She started by telling me of the colors around me. She accurately described the color of my business card and my business website. Lucky guess, I suppose. Then she said I had a lot of sand around me. I live on an island. She mentioned my new career and the work I had been doing with meditation. She noted the successes and momentum that was building in these aspects of my life. All of which was great, but what about my love life and my endless walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid.

I’m Not Ready
She said it in very simple words: I wasn’t ready. Oddly enough, it was rather freeing to hear her say that. I felt pressured by myself, my life circumstances, and especially by others, to be married. Most recently, I clung firmly to a wonderful man. With him, I thought I would finally stop being the eternal bridesmaid. He was handsome, kind, and safe. Ah, there’s the word. It was safe to be with him because I trusted him. He was always busy because of his profession which made things nice for me. Neither of us could get too close even though we both played the game of tug-a-war. There was such a pull to be together because we had an incredible connection unlike one I had ever felt before.

Shawna said that I had just opened the door to what could be. I wouldn’t want to be with someone like him anyways, she said, because I’m evolving. I would be bored and unfulfilled. He would never be able to give me the type of depth I want from a relationship. He gave the perception that he could, but I would always be “hungry” for more. Boy did she nail that one! Even when we were at the height of our relationship, I always felt like there was something missing. Still, she assured me not to be too upset about that relationship because he was the perfect man for me at that time. Somehow, her words gave me the courage to let go of him. From that minute onward, I released him. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

My friends would say things like, “Oh, he’s just not that into you.” “He should make more time for you.” Blah, blah blah. Really, it was never about him. It was always about me. I simply was not ready for more. I have so much to be grateful for. He taught me ME; he led me to the door of awakening. Thank you, thank you.

Change is necessary
Shawna said, “It’s ok to change. Change is necessary for more to come.” Then she gave me something that was wonderful. She said that I would find that connection and depth even deeper than I have ever felt before. When she said this, I felt such a wonderful sense of sureness, security, and knowing. He is coming, and he will be here when I am ready. In the meantime, I’m getting ready to be ready.

Shawna reminded me that I should dance more at weddings. It’s ok to be a bridesmaid. If I were getting married, I wouldn’t want my friends jealous or envious of me. I would want them to be happy for me. You may think I could have come to these conclusions on my own, but really, it doesn’t matter how to get to the finish line as long as we actually get there. Right? Yes, I would go back to Shawna because she gave me that release and peace I was seeking. I absolutely loved the experience. I loved knowing that he is waiting for me to be ready. He can wait a little bit longer. I’m busy enjoying…

Talk to Shawna:
Phone: 1-800-KNOWING
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Maternity Wedding Dress Options

Times have changed. People are getting married later in life. Several states are now allowing same sex marriages. What was frowned upon just a few years ago is now becoming more common. This includes getting married while being pregnant.

Growing Belly
Being pregnant has its own challenges. Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. No doubt. That is one reason why it is twice as important when you are getting married while being pregnant.
A maternity wedding dress with a growing belly is different from others. Although there is extra space in the belly area, it does not mean that style has to suffer. There are plenty of dresses for a pregnant bride-to-be to choose from. Designers are catering to pregnant brides and adding maternity wedding dresses to their collection.

The Right Time
The wedding can take place when the tummy has not expanded, and the bride-to-be is showing only slightly. There is nothing wrong in having a wedding for a late term pregnancy either. It is what is right for you and your family. Another determining factor for timing is the . Although the couple may opt to have a quick civil service, it is very common to see women walking down the aisle in the gown of her choice, in the color of her choice.

No More Reason to Hide
Back in the old days, it was deplorable to conceive a child before marriage. Today, it’s becoming more acceptable and quite the norm. There are other reasons to ruin this special day than trying to hide a pregnancy. A white gown is not off the table whereas before it would have been a different situation.

Finding The Right Fit
A pregnant bride might think it will be difficult to find the perfect dress, but the task is easier than it’s made out to be. An appropriate gown can be found to fit the special bulge growing. There will be plenty of options available. Start by looking through bridal magazines. See what styles are flattering. Go online and look over the dresses. Do this all before making an appointment to the bridal dress store and especially before having a gown made.

The most essential thing here is for the dress to fit well. The tummy will grow as the days and months go by. No one can predict how big the tummy will be, but a good seamstress will plan for a bigger mid area. It is easier to hem than to add to a dress. The bride-to-be needs to be in constant and open communication with the gown designer as the adjustments are made.

The Right Choice
Other things to consider: comfort. The wedding day is long and has its challenges. Consider wearing comfortable shoes and proper support.
One can also opt for a more , maternity wedding dress that is stylish and pretty but less traditional. This, of course, depends on her personality and wedding theme. An airy and more simple wedding dress would go well with a beach wedding theme. There are more options in choosing a beautiful dress to fit the occasion to make a pregnant bride radiate.

Great Wedding Gift Ideas at Wholesale

Wedding gift registries are extending to the size of a short novel these days. The most popular wedding gifts are undoubtedly for the kitchen. Dressing a fully functional and modern kitchen can get very expensive. Asking for friends and family to help furnish this essential part of the house almost seems to be a rite of passage for engaged couples. If spending big bucks on a wedding gift does not appeal to you, consider buying a wholesale alternative. Flatware, small appliances, kitchen gadgets are usually some of the most popular wedding gifts requested, and often times, they can be found at the best wholesale outlet stores.

Most bride and groom have a mixture of hodge-podge silverware, cheaply made by forks and knives from their college days. You might even find an occasional “souvenir” from a college dining hall. Wholesale outlet store offer dramatic discounts on flatware to suit any budget. It is common practice by retail stores to pull older styles off the shelves for new but not necessarily improved models. Choose a common brand name like Hampton Forge.

A good set of knives are a must! Just ask any Iron Chef. Ha! However, retail prices on knife sets can go for a pretty penny. As a bonus, most wholesale knife sets include other kitchen gadgets. You might be able to find wholesale sets that include serving spoons, peelers, spatulas, and measuring cups. Also look at overstock specialty knives like paring knives and cheese knives which are nice additions to any kitchen.

TV Gadgets
Have you been up at midnight, watching the “for only $19.95” infomercials? Like any good retailer, TV gadgets have overstock and fast liquidation needs. You can easily snatch up As-Seen-On-TV gadgets for cheap. Know that simply because they are sold on TV does not mean they are made of inferior quality. This also accommodates those guests who are looking for unique wedding gift ideas that are most likely not on the master registry.

Small Appliances
The greatest savings offered in wholesale stores are small kitchen appliances. There is usually a wide selection of small appliances thanks to customer returns and factory refurbished units. Also, manufacturers like to produce the same product or similar products in different colors and configurations. This supplies wholesale outlet stores with a good source of shelf-pulls that are in perfectly functional condition. Blenders, coffee-makers, toaster ovens all by top brand names like Cuisnart. What a great opportunity! The married couple will never know that it was purchased at wholesale.

Probably the most appealing part of a wholesale kitchen wedding gift is its shelf life. Even if a coffee maker sits in the storage room for over a year, it is still fully functional. Also, know that a customer return does not make it defective. On the contrary, most returns are because it was an unneeded gift or it did not match the existing items. These types of returns will still be in their original packaging. Buying a wedding gift at a wholesale outlet store never sounded better.