Fulfill your dreams with a European wedding. By getting married in Europe, you will live out your fantasies and create lifelong memories. Only a few years ago, a European wedding was unheard of and only for those wealthy few. Nowadays, a European wedding is less expensive and much more realistic financially than having a wedding back home. If your image of an ideal wedding is in Europe, there are many options out there to consider.

France: No matter where your dream wedding is, you can make your dreams come true with a European wedding in France. Do you dream of getting married in a romantic, 600-year-old medieval French chateau? Or maybe your dream is of a European wedding, standing next to the Eiffel Tower? Let’s not forget having a wedding on the picturesque French Riviera. Vive l’amour!

Italy: Perhaps you envision yourself saying your wedding vows in Italy. Imagine frescoes and hand-woven tapestries hanging in a medieval church. Or maybe you would like a European Wedding on the Amalfi coast where amori is painted in nature everywhere. It is no wonder why the ancient gods used to make love there. Do you see yourself getting married in Venice where a gondoliers will take you and your loved one through the city’s enchanted canals. Or a wedding in Rome near the Vatican?

Spain: Does Spain intrigue you? There are so many wedding options in Spain. The clear, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean near one of Europe’s most treasured cities, Barcelona. Or maybe you would prefer a European wedding as the Atlantic crashes on the rugged Northwestern coast of the Basque, Cantarbian, and Galician lands? You can also opt for the once Moorish lands of Sevilla where flamenco reigns supreme.

England: In England, there are scenic countrysides with large manor houses. Or is it a stately hall of an ancient castle with stone walls known by Shakespeare and King Arthur. A Camelot wedding where chivalry is not dead.Do you envision the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands or a medieval castle in green Ireland?

Germany: Would you like to celebrate your union in Germany? Are your fantasies to get married in a verdant German field? Or would you like a wedding in the German Alps or historic Berlin? You can always celebrate in a traditional 3-day German wedding fashion.

European weddings are dreams come for any marrying couple. From colorful gardens to ancient castles, the possibilities are endless, and in many cases, more realistic than planning a wedding back home. Destination weddings are usually less stressful and cost less. That’s what makes Europe such an ideal place to get married. Plan your wedding now!

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