Six Steps to the Perfect Hawaiian Wedding

Are you planning a wedding in beautiful Hawaii? Like most destination weddings, most of the planning might be done from far away. For some, this would also be their first visit to Hawaii. It only adds to the frustration and stress of planning a wedding. In the end, there are few places that compare to the Garden Isle of Kauai, Magic Island off Waikiki, or Oahu’s Paradise Cove, just to name a few Hawaiian jewels.
To help in the Hawaiian wedding planning, here’s a checklist of things to do:

1– Location. Location. Location. Settle on which island you like best. Read and research all the travel books. Try the “From the Skies of Paradise” series, for example.

2– Next, decide if you should go with a resort, a wedding planner, or do it yourself? For many brides, the best choice is choosing a resort package or booking a local Hawaiian wedding planner. A wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings can help you pull everything together for your perfect wedding. They recommend vendors, what hotels are really as beautiful as in the brochures, other important details such as how to seat guests at the beach or hotel transportation for guests to the ceremony site. Research one carefully before making a final decision. Do not hire someone who “goes dark” on you. You want open lines of communication. The best way to choose a great Hawaiian wedding planner is to look at destination wedding boards and ask newlyweds for their opinions and recommendations.

3– Budget. Are you in a position to pay for friends and family to attend your dream wedding in tropical Hawaii? Or, will they need to pay their own way? Consider having a small wedding on the island and throwing a larger reception at home.
Consider other aspects of your budget like ceremony locale, reception locale, lodging, catering, cake, flowers, and other services involved in your wedding. If you don’t have a large budget, a small resort package might be the cheapest and most stress-free choice. For those with a little more wiggle room, hire a good wedding planner to help you make most of your money.

4– Next, consider the all important marriage license. Hawaii, fortunately, makes this part easy. The only real requirement is that both the bridge and groom are present in person. So you will need to arrive a few days before the ceremony. There is no waiting period or blood tests as in other states. Though, you must apply in person on a weekday before the Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

5– If you do not have a Hawaiian wedding planner, you will need to research lodging and airfare for the entire wedding party. Consider a place that offers a good price for the bride and groom and for your guests. Again, look on the boards for advice before booking or ask your wedding planner, if you have one.
If you are footing the bill for the wedding party, airline tickets can be a major cost. The sooner you buy your airfare, the cheaper they are. You can buy them up to 11 months in advance. Try to take advantage of cheaper flights such as flying on a weekday or staying Saturday night.

6– Last but not least, the beauty and charm of a destination wedding is not having to obsess over every last detail. Research and find an efficient Hawaiian wedding planner. Be willing to roll with the punches and take the good with the bad. With most elaborate wedding productions, you aren’t able to relax and enjoy your day. This is completely the contrary with a tropical paradise wedding in Hawaii.

Although a destination wedding in Hawaii maybe seem too far out into the Pacific, they are usually easier to plan especially when you choose a resort package or hire an experienced wedding planner.

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