Get Married in Romantic Italy

There is no more romantic place than Italy to celebrate your wedding and bless your new life with your partner. Its incredible, ancient history, amazing city art, moving scenery, vibrant culture and lifestyle make this the best destination to say your wedding vows. Italy is full of magical places, including ancient chapels, beautiful mansions and romantic getaways. Along with its friendly environment, this is definitely the most romantic country to celebrate the most important day of your life.


Florence is maybe the most charming city for planning a wedding, with its excellent rentals and wonderful, relaxing environment. Situated within the region of Tuscany, Florence was the chair of the Italian Renaissance. It has several famous museums, and it’s the place where you can see the most important Italian art such as Michelangelo’s David. Furthermore, because of local regulations, people from other countries may find it easier to have a wedding here than in other parts of Tuscany. This popular Italian destination may be one of the most romantic places to consider for your Italian wedding. Strolling through the city of Florence, one will continue to be surprised by the range of historical structures, moving flatlands and the warm, welcoming lifestyle. Florence’s delightful Tuscan delicacies are sure to pleasure your wedding reception guests as they enjoy the romantic environment with the places, waterways, and boat trips that completely catch the miracle of this significant event. The landscape all around Florence is graced with spectacular structure surrounded by vibrant plants, making your day absolutely memorable.


Whether you choose a civil or spiritual wedding, there is no other town like Rome, where you will find such a wonderful mix of beauty and energy. You can select between different types of places to celebrate a religious wedding according to your beliefs (Catholic, Protestant, Judaism, etc.). Getting married in the capital means having a wedding in a wonderful perspective, and it is possible to use the opportunity to plan a few days of vacation to see stunning locations. Go back over the Roman trail: Colosseum, Vatican, Sistine Cathedral, Castel Sant’Angelo, Campidoglio, Quirinale, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and much more on. For your wedding you can select from different locations: a high-class resort in the town center, enclosed lawn rentals, farmhouses in the historical countryside towns, etc. You can also opt for the wonderful Bracciano Lake, made popular by Tom Cruise’s wedding in summer 2007. The capital has long been one of the most traditionally well-known locations to have a spiritual wedding. The ancient, spiritual characteristics of the nation goes without saying and is in addition to a series of historical mansions, castles and chapels where other marriages from hundreds of years ago took place. How amazing! The cathedrals, rentals and even floral landscapes provide an awesome structural background. The structure of these historical structures alone is something that your visitors will not be able to take enough images of.


With a multitude of pathways and waterfronts, Venice is the most ideal location for not only weddings, but loving wedding pictures. Say your marriage vows in a regional cathedral and then capture your pleasure permanently with images at the Ponte di Rialto or Ponte delle Guglie. You can also connect “love locks” to the Ponte Milvio or Ponte dell’Accademia, promising your commitment with a key. Venice’s regional solitude first kept it distant and secure, and now keeps it the same and magical. Even though most guests have information about Venice from films and pictures, the truth is surprising and requires seeing the sights first-hand. Dreamlike, amazing Venice seduces an incredible number of guests every year! Venice is a tourist’s paradise. A loving marriage and honeymoon vacation here will be memorable. The resorts along the “strip” provide the best views of the spectacular lagoon. Couples might also be enthusiastic about discussing a hug under the Ponte dei Sospiri, because according to tale, fans who hug under the Bridge of Sighs while driving a gondola at sundown are permanently endowed.
Note that in the Veneto region, there are other essential areas such as Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Fun Photo Activities for Your Wedding

Your wedding will last one day, but your pictures will last forever. Your friends will see them. Your children and even your grandchildren will see them. They are an integral part of your wedding. It is always thrilling for the newlyweds to get their pictures back from the photographer. It is a way for them to relive that special day. Here are some fun and creative wedding photo activities for your guests.

One idea is taking pictures of your guests as they arrive at the wedding. They might prefer to take a picture early into the wedding as everyone looks their best when they first arrive. Like high school prom, you can provide a backdrop. Either hire a photographer or set up several cameras for them to take their own pictures. Another option is setting up a Polaroid camera for immediate fun or disposable cameras. Talk about a great way to keep your guest busy while they are waiting for the reception to begin.

You can also create a fun scrapbook with the photos. Provide supplies for your guests to create their own pages at the wedding. For those less creative types, you can provide pre-made scrapbook pages where the guest can simply put their photo on the page. You should also place a box for people who do not want to take part in this activity. Another suggestion is for someone to turn these photos into a memory book as a gift to the bride and groom. If you are using a Polaroid, you can have the guest sign their photo and place it in a basket.

Having disposable cameras on each table is still an all-time favorite idea at weddings. Candid photos are fun and allow people to get creative. You can add these photos to the wedding album or create a separate album showing the guests’ perspective of the wedding.

Have you heard of the “silent photo guess”area? This works best in a small, family wedding where the guests know the newlyweds well. It works like this: before the wedding, a close friend collects pictures of the bride and groom in different moment in life. They should be “action pictures” not from Christmas or graduations, nothing too obvious what is taking place. People will come and look at the pictures, then guess what is taking place. They can write their answers on a ballot and put it in a numbered basket with the corresponding picture. Later in the evening, the bride and groom can read the real answers. It can be great entertainment and guaranteed amusing. You can even provide a prize.

If you are not sold on the “prom night” idea, you can set up a photo corner area of the reception area. This is where the wedding photographer can take candid shots of the guests. It is a carefree zone where the guests surprise the bride and groom. It could be pictures of couples, entire families, friends blowing kisses, or the groom being carried on the shoulders of the best man. The bride and groom later see the evidence that their friends and family were also having a great time at their wedding.