Used Wedding Dresses

You’ve found your soul mate, and you are now planning your dream wedding. If because of bad luck you can’t afford to buy a new wedding dress, consider buying a used wedding dress. There are so many beautiful used wedding dresses available nowadays. It is not difficult to find a great bargain to fit your budget. Many brides choose to sell their wedding dress than to store it in a box. Believe it or not, you can even find wedding dresses in charity shops, dress agencies, online auctions, and not to mention the several online bridal stores.

The month of June is a great month to go wedding dress shopping. Many stores go on sale during this month. Also, some of these used dresses are not necessarily “used.” They include dresses worn by the mannequins and displayed on the windows. This does not include the dresses that were not saleable or forgotten to be picked up.

If you go online, you will find many used wedding dress options. Use keywords like wedding dress discount, used wedding dresses, used wedding gowns, wedding dress bargain. SEE LIST BELOW FOR MORE INFO. Craigslist is an excellent source. You never know what you will find on Craigslist.

Do your homework. Know your measurements and preferred dress styles. This will make buying a used wedding dress easier to choose according to your needs. Check for any damages or stains before you make the purchase. If they cannot be removed, try to put beadings or other embellishments to hide it. Additionally, send it to the cleaners before your big day to make it look as good as new.

The veil is just as important as the wedding dress itself. It is not as expensive, and you can get a brand new one for relative cheap.

A study recently showed that Americans spend on average $10,000 to $14,000 on their wedding. This is a substantial amount. It might make you feel better to pay as little as $200 for a used wedding dress. It is not traditionally what you planned for. However, if it makes you feel beautiful and sophisticated, it is a small price to pay.

Although you may think you have the perfect dress, make sure that your used wedding dress fits well. Ask the owner of the store if there were any alternations. This would change things quite a bit on a dress even when the tag says size 14.

Another popular alternative is to rent a used wedding dress. Is it wrong when a guy rents his tuxedo? It shouldn’t be wrong when a woman rents her wedding dress either. Talk about a savings! There are several locations to choose from in your local area.

Unless you tell your guests, no one will know that you’re wearing a used wedding dress. Most people will assume that you purchased your dress new or had it made. If you carry yourself with style and grace, no one will know the difference.

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Maternity Wedding Dress Options

Times have changed. People are getting married later in life. Several states are now allowing same sex marriages. What was frowned upon just a few years ago is now becoming more common. This includes getting married while being pregnant.

Growing Belly
Being pregnant has its own challenges. Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. No doubt. That is one reason why it is twice as important when you are getting married while being pregnant.
A maternity wedding dress with a growing belly is different from others. Although there is extra space in the belly area, it does not mean that style has to suffer. There are plenty of dresses for a pregnant bride-to-be to choose from. Designers are catering to pregnant brides and adding maternity wedding dresses to their collection.

The Right Time
The wedding can take place when the tummy has not expanded, and the bride-to-be is showing only slightly. There is nothing wrong in having a wedding for a late term pregnancy either. It is what is right for you and your family. Another determining factor for timing is the . Although the couple may opt to have a quick civil service, it is very common to see women walking down the aisle in the gown of her choice, in the color of her choice.

No More Reason to Hide
Back in the old days, it was deplorable to conceive a child before marriage. Today, it’s becoming more acceptable and quite the norm. There are other reasons to ruin this special day than trying to hide a pregnancy. A white gown is not off the table whereas before it would have been a different situation.

Finding The Right Fit
A pregnant bride might think it will be difficult to find the perfect dress, but the task is easier than it’s made out to be. An appropriate gown can be found to fit the special bulge growing. There will be plenty of options available. Start by looking through bridal magazines. See what styles are flattering. Go online and look over the dresses. Do this all before making an appointment to the bridal dress store and especially before having a gown made.

The most essential thing here is for the dress to fit well. The tummy will grow as the days and months go by. No one can predict how big the tummy will be, but a good seamstress will plan for a bigger mid area. It is easier to hem than to add to a dress. The bride-to-be needs to be in constant and open communication with the gown designer as the adjustments are made.

The Right Choice
Other things to consider: comfort. The wedding day is long and has its challenges. Consider wearing comfortable shoes and proper support.
One can also opt for a more , maternity wedding dress that is stylish and pretty but less traditional. This, of course, depends on her personality and wedding theme. An airy and more simple wedding dress would go well with a beach wedding theme. There are more options in choosing a beautiful dress to fit the occasion to make a pregnant bride radiate.