Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

We all know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. There is an enormous emotional significance. It represents months and months of planning and preparing. Not to mention the major financial cost. Friends, family, loved ones will all be there to take part in your special day. You will most likely be nervous, excited, and maybe even forgetful. You often hear that brides have a vague memory of the wedding in the flurry of activities and well-wishes from guests. The marrying couple often counts on their wedding photographer to snap the day’s most important moments. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a New York photographer or someone in Georgia, it is crucial to make the right choice. Here are some good tips to ensure you choose a wedding photographer who will make your special day extra special.


Got Experience?
One of the most important elements in choosing a wedding photographer is ensuring that he or she has extensive experience. A good photographer will have a good portfolio that you can and should review. When looking through the portfolio, make sure all the standard compositions are present. By that, look for the bride prior to the wedding, ceremony photos, and family member photos, and any creative photos. Look for any unique lighting and settings, anything that makes them stand out as a photographer. Does the wedding photographer capture the brides’ and grooms’ personalities? You want your pictures to stand out. He or she should understand your needs. You don’t want to have the same pictures as everyone else. Take this into serious consideration especially if the wedding photographer came to you as a referral.

Do You Have the Right Chemistry?
The view you have for your wedding should be similar to that of your photographer. There will be plenty to do on your special day. You should be able to trust your wedding photographer to do his/her job. Discuss ahead of time the shots you have in mind. They should be open to your interpretations of the photos you want. You will need to tell them ahead of time that your Uncle Edward is one of the most important people in your life and to snap several pictures of him. Simply put, you will need to trust your wedding photographer. In addition, you will need to be able to believe in his or her artistic view and follow their suggestions.


What’s The Price?
You get what you pay for, right? It’s no different with a wedding photographer. You need to stay within your budget and still feel comfortable that the wedding photographer will get all the treasures photos you want from the wedding. Most photographers have a variety of packages and prices. If none of these fit your wedding budget, talk openly with the wedding photographer and tell him what you are open to paying. You might be surprised at the response.

Get Their Input
A good wedding photographer has been around the block a few times. They might give you insight on how to do your rehearsal photos, engagement photos, hair, even makeup. Remember that you are hiring an expert in weddings who will give you good advice. You are paying for their guidance to make you shine.

Your goal is find a wedding photographer that will make your day last a lifetime. An experienced photographer whom you connect with is worth the price. You will have a wedding professional on your side who will let you enjoy your special day forever.